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Alpha XT

The Alpha XT system is a proprietary Alpha port that allows docking the beta flange and opening the alpha door without the gloved entry of the operator into the isolator chamber. Sterile component introduction into the isolator without using the isolator gloves. Modified industry standard alpha port with unaffected interlock functionality and aseptic sealing capability. Customizable funnel design to fit the application.


• Operation solely from the non-sterile (operator) side • Optional funnel actuator to engage/disengage a funnel into component delivery position • Adaptable to any alpha port manufacturer • Minor modifications to the alpha port with no impact on the port's door interlock functionality • Separate actuators for the door locking, door opening and funnel positioning functions • Positive position lock of the alpha door in the open position • Positive position lock of the funnel in the engaged and the disengaged positions • Clean aseptic zone design compatible with wash down operations and VHP decontamination • Leak tight construction • Modular design is easily incorporated in new isolator systems or retrofitted into existing installations