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Basic Peristaltic Pumps

BT100-2J Low Flowrate Pumps

Precise peristaltic pump BT100-2J can be loaded YZ1515X, YZII15,YZ2515X, YZII25, DG-1 and DG-2. The pump provides flow rates from 0.0002 to 380 ml/min. The speed can be adjusted manually or automatically through external control. Store the running parameters automatically. Easy to operate.

- Speed: 0.1 to 100 rpm, reversible
- Speed precision: 0.1 rpm
- Speed control: Membrane keypad
- Display: 3-digit LED displays current rpm
- Communication interface: RS485
- External control: cw/ccw; and speed control
- Power supply: AC 90V-260 V 50/60 Hz
- Power consumption: ≤30 W
- Operating condition: Temperature 0 to 40 ℃
- Relative humidity < 80%
- Dimensions (L×W×H): 232×142×149 (mm)
- Drive weight: 2.3 kg
- IP rating: IP 31

WT600-3J High Flowrate Pumps

Precise peristaltic pump WT600-3J is one kind of high IP rating and high-efficiency product, it features a maintenance-free brushless DC motor and application of specific integrated circuit with big torque (1.5 N.M), small vibration. It can drive various single/dual channels pump heads to provide flow rate from 4.2 to 6000 mL/min.

- High IP rating: Moist and dust resistant
- Prime key: Fast filling and emptying.
- Memory function: Auto Store
- Communication function: RS485 interface
- Display: 3 digits LED speed display
- External control: CW/CCW and speed
- Suitable for different pump heads and tubing
- High output torque which can drive double pump heads
- Brushless DC motor, maintenance-free
- Operation mode: Switch and membrane keypad.

YT600-1J Industrial Pumps

Industrial Peristaltic pump YT600-1J delivers flow rates from 600 to 11000 mL/min. The speed can be adjusted manually or automatically through external control interface. Driven by DC motor YT600-1J has higher torque and can drive double pump heads. Suitable for industrial applications which need high pressure and big flow rates.

- Speed: 60-600 rpm, reversible
- Speed control: 10 turn potentiometer
- Power supply: AC220V±10% 50/60 Hz
- Power consumption: <400W
- Operating condition: Temperature o to 40℃, relative humidity<80%
- External control: Start/stop control, speed control
- Dimensions (L×W×H): 325×236×193 (mm)
- Drive weight: 20kg
- IP rating: IP54