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Specialty Bottles

Wide Mouth Bottles

Amber Glass Wide Mouth Packer Bottles feature a wide opening for making them the ideal general purpose bottle for solids. The amber color filters out ultraviolet wavelengths, making amber packers ideal for light sensitive solids. Amber packers are the classic "vitamin bottles" and are often used in pharmaceutical packaging. These packer bottles are also often used in chemical and environmental applications.

Narrow Mouth Bottles

Boston Round Bottles are general use bottles that are perfect for liquids, product storage, and field or plant sampling projects. These environmentally sensitive bottles help eliminate waste and help to insure product integrity for long term storage. Clear / Flint Boston Round Bottles offers maximum visibility and sample integrity. Amber & Cobalt Blue Boston Round Bottles protect contents from UV rays and are ideal for light sensitive products.

Safety Coated Bottles

Our Safety Coated Bottles are glass bottles whose exteriors have been coated in clear plastisol, which is a solution of PVC resin in a liquid plasticizer that cools to form a perfectly-fitting plastic coating. These plastic coated glass bottles are easier to grip and harder to break. If a Safety-Coated Bottle does break, the plastisol coating contains the substance in the bottle long enough to allow for proper disposal. These features make Safety Coated Glass Bottles ideal for handling volatile substances.