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Precleaned Bottles & Vials

Ready-to-clean glassware

Ready to Clean Glass Bottles are autoclavable bottle kits specifically for customers who prefer to use their own cleaning process. These are fully assembled bottle kits consisting of bottle, liner, and cap that are ready to be washed, heated, or autoclaved to your specifications. The caps are polypropylene (PP), a thermoplastic polymer and are lined with a friction-fit .015” PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) disk, which is chemically inert.

Ultra Clean glassware

Ultra Cleaned containers feature a proprietary cleaning process that cleans to 100 or less particles greater than 5 microns. Designed for those needing containers free from particulate contamination, our cleaning procedures can utilize a variety of cleaning methods including the use of heated high purity electronics grade filtered water, or ultrasonic cleaning, depending on customer requirements. Bottles are quality controlled and certified.

Vacuum & Ionized glassware

Process removes contaminates such as loose dirt, dust, carton lint and fine glass particles. Vacuum draws particulate-laden atmosphere from the container. Closures cleaned individually with high pressure electrostatic air and simultaneous vacuuming. Closure immediately applied to bottle. Completed containers placed in case, sealed and labeled for the appropriate customer order.