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Na hi jnanena sadrusam pavitram iha vidyate
Verily there exists nothing in this world more purifying like knowledge

Bhagavad Gita

This has been the mantra for Automed’s growth for over 11 years. With this relentless focus on knowledge, Automed has emerged as the most respected partner to the Indian life science community.

Over the last decade and half Automed has emerged as the company to go to when you are looking at emerging technologies. This reputation has been a testimony to our focus on knowledge driven market approach that underlines the fact that customer seeks more than just gadgets, they look for knowledge to use them well and support to see that they are optimizing the investments they are making.

For instance Automed was the first company to install and validate a Rapid Microbiology method in MNC pharma and food companies. Introduce Impaction based air samples that offers ISO 14698 compliance with NIST traceability. First company to offer customized Tissue grinders; Automed, pioneered the concept of microbiology automation in INDIA. Recently, we have introduced the RAPID Detection system for Viruses and Live cell imaging systems, which tracks cellular kinetics and not merely the end points.

Probiosys Life Sciences , started in 2010 is now a DSIR recognized R&D center, The only government recognized finishing school, with a dedicated technical team with international partners. At Probiosys, we focus on creating the knowledge that answers the questions our customer ask, We create workshops and seminars to disseminate knowledge, We offer customized corporate training and we are creating platform to offer testing services to international clients.

To support this we have industrial class labs and classrooms. With a technical team that constantly scans the world for the best in knowledge and tools that Indian Life science professionals need we are well placed to become a knowledge partners to our clients.

  • Two Class 10000 Clean Rooms

  • Full Fledged Microbiology Lab

  • Automated Media MAnufacturing Facility

  • Cell Culture Lab

  • Calibration Lab

  • Well Stocked Library

  • International Standard Training Rooms

  • Warehousing