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Drum Movers, Carts and Tugs

Drum Mover

EHS Drum Movers are operated by two toggle switches allowing an operator to ergonomically lift and move drums anywhere within a manufacturing facility. Ergonomically positioned handles and thumb controls make the Drum Mover easy and intuitive to operate. Larger front wheels enable the Drum Mover to be moved with less force while small rear wheels allow for better maneuverability. Drums can be lifted directly off a pallet (when drums are in a four drum per pallet configuration) without the operator having to move or reposition the drums.

Drum Carts

EHS Drum Carts allow drums to easily be moved from one location to another. The drum cart is constructed of 304 stainless steel and has an orbital surface finish. Higher-grade stainless and surface finish options are available upon request. Ergonomically position handles allow the operator to easily move a drum from one location to another. Four swivel casters allow the drum cart to be moved in any direction.

Power Tugs

The GMP Power Tug is designed to dock with various heavy mobile equipment ensuring safe and easy transportation throughout the process areas. The max weight Capacity is 6000 lbs. Battery powered with a 24V 65AH maintenance free battery, the Power Tug comes with a magnetic disc brake and a 24V permanent magnet DC drive motor.

The material of construction comes in options of 304 or 316 option. GMP standard Orbital Polish and can be fully customized as per Application.