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Drum Tippers & Inverters

Drum Tipper

EHS has developed a patented Drum Tipper to address the ergonomic risk factors associated with manually dumping drums. Each system is tailored from a core production design to meet the specific requirements of the application.

The exoskeletal frame of the EHS Drum Tipper provides a design that allows full wash-down and access to all surfaces and components. With no sealed panels that could leak or collect water, the open frame design of the Drum Tipper ensures that all the cleaning solution will fully rinse from the frame. In compliance with GMP practices, all product contact surfaces are polished to a unidirectional mechanical finish with a surface roughness of less than 25 ╬╝in Ra. The EHS Drum Tipper is constructed from 304 stainless steel and uses a completely pneumatic control system.

Drum Inverter

The EHS Drum Inverter features a very robust and portable design that allows operators to lift and position drums above tall applications. Custom options on the Drum Inverter allow it to accommodate a wide variety of applications.

The use of a pneumatic compression funnel allows for various sized drums to be secured while the Drum Inverter is in operation. A drum liner retention ring can be used to prevent the drum liner from falling into the funnel valve. The compression pressure can easily be adjusted on the control panel to allow for various drum weights and structures.The Drum Inverter utilizes an actuation system that allows the drum to invert a full 180 degrees. Smooth rotation and simple operator controls allow the rotation to be stopped and started in any given position.