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Glove Tester

Multiport Glove Tester

The function of the console is to provide an effective means of pressure testing gauntlets in various materials and also variants of cuffed assemblies.To achieve this, the console creates a positive pressure inside each glove whilst simultaneously monitoring the pressure via a PLC system. This happens sequentially dependant on how many glove ports are chosen for the test.

The principle of the system with regard to the testing times, the two most common types are below and these are the standard test times for the isolators themselves:

  • Isolator Class 2 - Maximum 25pa loss over 6 minutes each port

  • Isolator Class 3 - Maximum 25pa loss over 90 seconds each port

We take a position between the 2 for all isolators now which is: Glove pressure set to 800pa and maximum 25pa loss over 3 minutes each port. This is a higher pressure than you would test the isolator to on most occasions but it is something that has been developed by Extract Technology developed with Baxter Healthcare.

The Console

With the six glove system it works on a sequence as follows:

  • Fix all Glove Test Units

  • Glove no.1 will inflate and settle

  • Glove no1 will start timed test (3 mins)

  • Glove no2 will inflate and settle once Glove no1 starts its timed test

And so until all the six glove are tested. It does not inflate and test all gloves at the same time (i.e. in 3 minutes) but you do save the test time on each port. Hence it takes 11 min to test 6 gloves with the Extract Automated Multiglove systems.