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Liquid Samplers

Cup Samplers

The ever popular Cup Sampler is ideal for sampling liquids and suspensions. The device is manufactured from 316 stainless steel. The Cup Sampler enables discrete samples to be easily taken from known heights within the product.

- Insert the sampler to the required depth.
- Squeeze handle which pushes the cup away from the lid, allowing the liquid to enter the cup.
- After filling remove the sampler.
- To empty the sampler either tip the sampler whilst squeezing the handle or unscrew the collecting cup.

Pump Sampler

Allows quick sampling of liquids. The chance of cross contamination is greatly reduced by using new tube and bottles for each sample.

- Cut the sampling tube to the required length.
- Screw the collecting bottle to the base of the hand pump.
- Insert one end of the sampling tube through the hand pump and into the collecting bottle.
- Drop the other end of the sampling tube into the product. At the required depth pump the handle. Several pumps will fill the sample collecting bottle.

Barrel Pumps

Stainless Barrel Pumps are ideal for quickly and easily transferring large volumes. The product contact parts of the pump are stainless steel (304 grade) and PTFE (for the piston gasket).

Type 1 - Pump has a rigid stainless steel delivery tube

Type 2 - Pump has a flexible PTFE lined hose complete with a ball valve

Use the Anti-Static Set to ensure that the pump is properly earthed when working with flammable liquids.