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Automated Media Preparators & Pourers

Systec MediaFill

We are proud to introduce MediaFill™; the new plate pourer from Systec. MediaFill is the perfect companion to the popular MediaPrep line of automated media sterilizers. Connect MediaFill to MediaPrep™ and you have completely closed and sterile walk-away system for media preparation and plate pouring.

MediaFill can pour standard 90 mm, 60 mm and up 26 mm deep dishes. With a processing rate of up to 900 plates per hour, MediaFill provides valuable time saving with reliable efficiency. Three different carousel sizes are available: 220, 440 and 600 plates, unlike the MediaJet, which only has two carousel sizes.

MediaFill is controlled via an intuitive touch screen interface and includes a database of Petri dish brands to insure reliable operation with your dish supplier of choice. The integrated peristaltic pump insures precise filling of media, a second pump is available for simultaneous dispensing of blood or other additives. Both pumps feature Drop-Stop™ control which prevents dripping of media between dish dispensing.

Systec MediaPrep

MediaPrep from small to large scale operations:Seven models are available from 10 to 120 liters. MediaPrep is capable of sterilizing agar and cooling media in less than 90 minutes.

Sterilization cycle is fully programmable by the user. User defined parameters include agar sterilization temperature, time and pouring temperature. PT100 probe directly measures temperature of media throughout the prepatory cycle. Detailed batch information (time / temperature / pressure) is available directly from the optional ticket printer or via connection to external PC using ADS software.

The MediaPrep agar sterilizer system will automatically fill with the correct amount of distilled water (for steam generation) prior to start of each cycle. The stirrer at the bottom of the removable media vessel mixes continuously throughout the sterilization cycle ensuring homogenous media. Rapid cooling is achieved via a sterile water dispensing ring that cools the media vessel after sterilization.