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Split Butterfly Valves

ChargePoint® PharmaSafe™

The ChargePoint® Pharmasafe™ valves offer a safer handling of non-sterile bio-pharma and other chemical ingredients offering the highest levels of containment performance.

High containment performance with no additional seals, vacuum and extraction required. This entry level valve offers a simple, cost effective upgrade to facilitate the GMP and containment requirements in manufacturing. The minimum part design is easy to operate, clean and maintain whilst providing outstanding entry level performance.

ChargePoint® PharmaSafe™ Plus

An economic upgrade to higher performance as a retrofit to existing installations or as a modular unit in facilities with multiple ChargePoint® valves. This extraction ring device comprises of a circular plenum arrangement which couples to the active unit and is connected to an extraction source. During the operation process the extraction process is run to ensure that any airborne particulate is safely taken into the extracted air stream.

ChargePoint® PharmaSafe™ Excel

Advanced performance to low nanogram levels in a compact efficient split valve. It incorporates purge and extract connections to the Active Unit. During the undocking step a sealed gap is created between the Active and Passive interface. A purge and extraction process is run to remove traces of particles that can potentially become airborne once the valve is fully undocked.