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Powder Samplers

Powder Thief

The Powder Thief was originated by Sampling Systems over 15 years ago and is now a world leader in powder sampling. It is extensively used throughout the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries around the world.

The Powder Thief is suitable for sampling free flowing powders and granules. A range of tips are available so that a single sampler can be used to accurately sample a range of different volumes.

- Made from high quality 316 stainless steel.
- Wide Range of Sizes.
- Simple to Use

Cohesive Slot Sampler

The Cohesive Slot Sampler has been specially adapted from the popular Slot Sampler. Scrapers have been added to push the non flowing powder into the sample slots. Scrapers are fully welded to give a hygienic, GMP correct sampler.

- Multilevel (composite samples).
- 316 Stainless steel construction
- Suitable for sticky, cohesive powders

Sleeve Sampler

The Sleeve Sampler is ideal for sampling large volumes at great depths. Various sized chambers can be quickly attached to the same handle to allow different sample volumes to be taken.

The heavy duty handle and extension rods have been designed to be extremely strong and robust to allow samples to be taken from depths up to 6m (after about 6m the sampler gets heavy).

- 316 Stainless Steel, bright finish.
- Single Point.