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Quality Control & Shipping Products

Shrink Bands

Wet Shrink Bands are easy to apply with no special machinery or heat required. As they dry, they shrink and apply a continuing pressure that holds the closure in place. Cellulose bands are tubular in shape and are kept wet in special shipping containers. They are applied wet and shrink as they dry in a form-fitting seal. They do not leave any residue and are biodegradable but tough and durable.

Torque Tester

Easy-to-use Sturdeeseal® Closure Torque System takes the guess-work out of closure application. Product allows users to properly secure closures at the correct degree of torque to ensure a proper seal. Unit comes with 2 sets of interchangeable inserts to accommodate closure sizes ranging from 20 mm – 70 mm. The rubber inserts allow the Closure Torque System to be used for both smooth and ribbed closures.

Specimen Mailers

Fiberboard Specimen Mailers meets government regulations for mailing liquids. Various container/cap options available. The sizes range from the smallest 30ml bottle size to the large 250ml size. These mailers comes with an option of either plain mailers with no bottles or can be bought with the bottles.