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soloBAGS & soloFLEX


soloBAG is our tag for Glove Bags: soloBAGs can be used to enclose any process, maintenance or clinical compounding application where the operation calls for a short life cycle. These entry-level polyurethane/PVC flexible envelopes are supplied with a simple breather filter to permit contamination free envelope collapse at the end of the life cycle. For single use glove bags and connection sleeves Solo can offer fully custom designed LDPE glove bags to drive down costs even further.

Superior design and better protection

• Our glove bags offer an improved operator interface, reducing fatigue • Simple envelope mount systems • Integrated filter systems disposed of with the enclosure, reducing risk as there‚Äôs no need to change filters at end of batch/campaign • Cross contamination risk eliminated by means of disposing the enclosure • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) development to ensure safe operating cycle.


soloFLEX is fast to assemble and easy to use, which makes it very popular with customers in areas such as chemical, pharmaceutical and industrial laboratories or any small scale operation where safe containment is vital. There are cost advantages too, as the flexible design reduces manufacturing and materials costs. As with our glove bags, the envelope runs at ambient or low level negative/positive pressures.

These bench top flexible film isolators are ideal for any application where protection from hazardous materials, sensitisers or hormonal compounds is required, providing both respiratory and dermal protection.

They can be used for a wide range of applications in chemical engineering and pharmaceutical processes including: powder weighing, powder processing, solubility testing, small scale milling and granulation operations.