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Split Butterfly Valves

Chargepoint® Aseptisafe®

ChargePoint® AseptiSafe™ aseptic transfer valves for handling sensitive ingredients and components ensuring product quality. Two alternative methods of sterilizing the product contact and sealing faces of the valve are available to meet the critical area and process set up. In both cases, patented split valve technology will ensure a closed environment at the point of transfer and throughout the handling and storage process.

  • Offers a simple upgrade to GMP requirements in existing or new facilities.

  • Simple SIP step prior to material transfer.

  • Can be utilized to store product, sealed under sterile conditions between processes – no need to break ‘containment’ before or after transfer.

Chargepoint® AseptisafeBIO®

Can eliminate the need to construct large high air class control areas in new facilities. Optimized Biodecontamination Cycle.

Ideal for lower grade cleanrooms to reduce the costs associated with the construction, validation and management of large clean areas. Autoclave or/and SIP & Biodecontamination gas. Single or multiple batch transfers. Suitable for continuous process.