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Powder Flow Management – Valves

Valves for high accurate dosing:

Double Valve is a dosing valve, composed of two intercepting elements. The butterfly is suitable to execute a rough dosing while the small rotor carries out a fine dosing. The maximum accuracy achievable is +/- 20 grams, the valve can be interfaced with dosing and weighing systems. The Double Valve can be supplied with a sealing gasket between the vane and the dosing rotor (DVG). This solution allows the valve to work in applications with pressure up to 0,5 bar. The overall dimensions of the valve remain the same

Valves integration with scales:

In 2015, CO.RA. designed developed and manufactured an Inflatable Seal Filling, Dosing and Weighing System.

Downstream the system is fed by a "Criox” drier, on the outlet of which is the CO.RA. system, used for drum filling and the controlled dosing of powders in environments where operator exposure with the product must be minimal.