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Process Automation Survey

Automed Systems for over 18 years has worked closely with Pharmaceutical, Food and Cosmetic industries in developing Automation Solutions for Production processes and Lab processes. Our approach to Automation has been holistic, which tries to achieve a balance between what we describe as the Time, Space and Energy Triad.

Automed works on the premise that all processes operate utilizing time, space and energy in the industrial universe. As process automation engineers our objectives is to optimise them.

All our designs are created to find the perfect balance between Time, Space and Energy.

Our automation engineers are trained to identify areas that need optimisation within processes and design automation solutions for increased productivity and strive to achieve the balance that is needed amongst the triad.

We would love to send out our engineers for a walk through at your plant and understand your process and offer you a free consultation in identifying areas that can be optimised for improving productivity and process safety. We can then design and build automation solutions to meet your overall corporate production, EHS objectives. 0ur range of expertise include